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Re: [ferret_users] variable unknown or not in data set: BAD

Hi Peter,

What about the values of var15, var202 and annrf? The ambiguous coordinates warning message could mean that there is a problem. It means that Ferret may be attempting to do something that you don't intend it to do.

However, the main problem with this loop is that you appear to be trying to write eager evaluation code in a Fortran/C/matlab (imperative) style rather than trying to use Ferret's strengths and its lazy evaluation. It's much easier to see where your intermediate variables may be missing.

In this case you are trying to do some sort of forward Euler stepping which suggests that this could all be written much more clearly outside a loop using @RSUM or possibly @SUM transformations along with the @SHF operator.

Here's an example

! Integrate a times series forward  assuming time step of 1
let tseries =l[l=1:20]

! What we want is tseries_int(l) = sum(tseries(1:l-1)) for l=2:20. tseries_int(1) will be zero

! Shift the original time series and pad its first value with zero (will also make other missing values zero)
let tseries_shf = missing(tseries[l=@shf:-1],0)

! The first value will be some initial values. I will just assume zero at the moment
let  tseries_int =  tseries_shf[l=@rsum]

list tseries,tseries_shf,tseries_int


In your case you are trying to evaluate

let dkbdi_shf = missing(dkbdi[l=@shf:-1],0)
let kbdi=dkbdi_shf[l=@rsum]

I'll let you sort out the other definitions but you definitely don't need a loop with all those messy references to "l=`l`". The explicit use of k=1 probably isn't needed in the definitions either until the final evaluation.


On 19/08/14 18:02, Peter Szabo wrote:
Hi Ansley,
thank you for your help!

Do you have a clue why is it giving BAD value when I list through defining a new variable (DKBDI) and a REAL number when I list it out?
I did the iteration until L=8 now, and here you can see that DSLR[L=8] is GT 0, thus it must give DKBDI a valid value if ((KBDIX-800)*(-1)*(.968*EXP(.0486*(TEMPY*9/5+32))-8.3)*.001/(1+10.88*EXP(-.0441*ANNRF/25.4))*.254) is giving one.
My goal is continuing the iteration and not stopping the loop gracefully.


yes? list DSLR[L=8]
             VARIABLE : MISSING(CROSS[L=@CDB:1]/24,0)
             LONGITUDE: 19E
             LATITUDE : 47N
             Z (m)    : 42752
             TIME     : 08-JAN-1961 12:00 NOLEAP
yes? list ((KBDIX-800)*(-1)*(.968*EXP(.0486*(TEMPY*9/5+32))-8.3)*.001/(1+10.88*EXP(-.0441*ANNRF/25.4))*.254)
 *** NOTE: Ambiguous coordinates on X axis: ((KBDIX-800)*(-1)*(.968*EXP(.0486*(TEMPY*9/5+32))-8.3)*.001/(1+10.88*EXP(-.0441*ANNRF/25.4))*.254)
             VARIABLE : ((KBDIX-800)*(-1)*(.968*EXP(.0486*(TEMPY*9/5+32))-8.3)*.001/(1+10.88*EXP(-.0441*ANNRF/25.4))*.254)
             LONGITUDE: 19.1E(19.1)
             LATITUDE : 47N
             Z (m)    : 47362
             TIME     : 07-JAN-1961 18:00
yes? list dkbdi
             VARIABLE : IF (DSLR[L=8] GT 0) THEN ((KBDIX-800)*(-1)*(.968*EXP(.0486*(TEMPY*9/5+32))-8.3)*.001/(1+10.88*EXP(-.0441*ANNRF/25.4))*.254) ELSE DKBDI_5
             LONGITUDE: 19E
             LATITUDE : 47N
             Z (m)    : 42752
             TIME     : 08-JAN-1961 12:00 NOLEAP

On Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 7:14 PM, Ansley Manke <ansley.b.manke@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Peter,
When you evaluate an _expression_ with grave-accents, the grave accents are evaluated as the command is parsed, filling in the value to make a new command, so that

   let kbdix=`kbdi`   becomes  DEFINE VARIABLE kbdix=-9.696305

When the _expression_ in grave accents missing-value flag, it's replaced by the string BAD, so the result is


Then the Ferret parser sees that command and says, well BAD is not any defined variable name, and that's the error message you're getting.

At the end of REPEAT: L=7, you list dslr,lr,dkbdi_5,dkbdi,kbdi, with the results:

I / *:     1.000  0.0000  0.0000  .... ....

because the variable kbdi evaluates to a bad-value, the "let kbdix=`kbdi`" command in the next iteration results in "let kbdix=bad".  The loop can't continue.

You could do a "if `kbdi` then 1 else EXIT/LOOP" to gracefully exit out of the loop if you wish, or to reset kbdi to some desired value and continue.


On 8/18/2014 5:35 AM, Peter Szabo wrote:
Dear Users,

I would like to find out what causes this error (during calculating Keetch-Byram index), also, how to fix this simple calculation.

The error message is BAD variable definition. Repetition until L=7 works fine, when an important variable becomes negative (-9), it defines during a calculation a BAD variable (the changing basic variable), and the next iteration stops.
When I removed the quotes(let kbdix=`kbdi`), naturally came stack overflow.
Here is what I used, and the bottom lines are the results of the script.

Thanks for you help and enjoy August wherever you are,

Peter Szabo

yes? let kbdi=0
yes? repeat/l=2:365 (let kbdix=`kbdi`; let tempy=var15[d=2,l=`l-1`,k=1]-273.15; let lr=if var202[d=1,l=`l`,k=1] lt 0.05 then 0 else var202[d=1,l=`l`,k=1]; let dkbdi_5=if (dslr[l=`l`] eq 0) and (lr[l=`l`] ge 5) then (-1*lr[l=`l`]+5) else 0; let dkbdi=if (dslr[l=`l`] gt 0) then ((kbdix-800)*(-1)*(.968*Exp(.0486*(tempy*9/5+32))-8.3)*.001/(1+10.88*Exp(-.0441*annrf/25.4))*.254) else dkbdi_5; let kbdi=kbdix+dkbdi; list/nohead dslr,lr,dkbdi_5,dkbdi,kbdi)

!-> REPEAT: L=7
 !-> DEFINE VARIABLE kbdix=0
 !-> DEFINE VARIABLE tempy=var15[d=2,l=6,k=1]-273.15
 !-> DEFINE VARIABLE lr=if var202[d=1,l=7,k=1] lt 0.05 then 0 else var202[d=1,l=7,k=1]
 !-> DEFINE VARIABLE dkbdi_5=if (dslr[l=7] eq 0) and (lr[l=7] ge 5) then (-1*lr[l=7]+5) else 0
 !-> DEFINE VARIABLE dkbdi=if (dslr[l=7] gt 0) then ((kbdix-800)*(-1)*(.968*Exp(.0486*(tempy*9/5+32))-8.3)*.001/(1+10.88*Exp(-.0441*annrf/25.4))*.254) else dkbdi_5

I / *:     0.0000  14.70  -9.696 -9.696 -9.696

!-> REPEAT: L=8
 !-> DEFINE VARIABLE kbdix=-9.696305
 !-> DEFINE VARIABLE tempy=var15[d=2,l=7,k=1]-273.15
 !-> DEFINE VARIABLE lr=if var202[d=1,l=8,k=1] lt 0.05 then 0 else var202[d=1,l=8,k=1]
 !-> DEFINE VARIABLE dkbdi_5=if (dslr[l=8] eq 0) and (lr[l=8] ge 5) then (-1*lr[l=8]+5) else 0
 !-> DEFINE VARIABLE dkbdi=if (dslr[l=8] gt 0) then ((kbdix-800)*(-1)*(.968*Exp(.0486*(tempy*9/5+32))-8.3)*.001/(1+10.88*Exp(-.0441*annrf/25.4))*.254) else dkbdi_5

I / *:     1.000  0.0000  0.0000  .... ....

!-> REPEAT: L=9
 !-> DEFINE VARIABLE kbdix=bad
 !-> DEFINE VARIABLE tempy=var15[d=2,l=8,k=1]-273.15
 !-> DEFINE VARIABLE lr=if var202[d=1,l=9,k=1] lt 0.05 then 0 else var202[d=1,l=9,k=1]
 !-> DEFINE VARIABLE dkbdi_5=if (dslr[l=9] eq 0) and (lr[l=9] ge 5) then (-1*lr[l=9]+5) else 0
 !-> DEFINE VARIABLE dkbdi=if (dslr[l=9] gt 0) then ((kbdix-800)*(-1)*(.968*Exp(.0486*(tempy*9/5+32))-8.3)*.001/(1+10.88*Exp(-.0441*annrf/25.4))*.254) else dkbdi_5

 **ERROR: variable unknown or not in data set: BAD
list/nohead dslr,lr,dkbdi_5,dkbdi,kbdi
Command file, command group, or REPEAT execution aborted

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