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Re: [ferret_users] ascii to netcdf

Dear Nitin,

Yes, it's possible.

First, you read the ASCII file using the "file" command


You can optionally set variable attributes with "set variable"


Then you write to a netCDF file using the command "save"


If your ASCII data is actually a gridded variable you are allowed to specify that grid in the "read" command after you defined the grid with "define axis" and "define grid" commands.


Paulo Santiago

2014-08-12 5:34 GMT-03:00 Nitin Patil <nitinpatil85@xxxxxxxxx>:
Dear ferret users,

I have a 3 column format ascii file (attached) which includes lat, lon, data values. Is it possible to convert it to netcdf using ferret?

Any idea kindly let me know.


Nitin Patil

Paulo Santiago
Ph.D. Student in Meteorology
Brazilian National for Space Research
Phone +55 (12) 3186 8637

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