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Re: [ferret_users] High quality stippling plot

Hi Markus,
I don't have a good answer for using /pattern, but I do have an alternative way to do this kind of thing, and it'll work fine with any of the graphics modes.

Define a set of points on a grid, based either on the grid of the variable being plotted, or a coarser or finer grid on the same region, and plot the points using PLOT/VS/SYMBOL=dot, or another shape.  Here's a simple example:

yes? set data coads_climatology

yes? fill/lev=(0,33,3)/nolabel sst[l=1]
yes? go fland

yes? let xdot = x[gx=sst] + 0*y[gy=sst]
yes? let ydot = 0*x[gx=sst] + y[gy=sst]

yes? let mask = if sst gt 21 then 1

yes? plot/vs/over/sym=dot/nolab mask*xdot,mask*ydot

See what you think. 

I imagine another idea might be to make a large gif and convert it to eps using third-party software.

On 8/8/2014 3:59 AM, markus.mingel@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi All,
maybe this question has already been addresses, but I didn't find any working 

I create a map and then stipples with the command:

shade/ov/pal=black/nolab/pat=tiny_grid  mask

How can I save the resulting plot in high quality eps? 

Saving the map in gif works fine, but when I use Fprint -o Map.eps -p portrait 
-R metafile.plt all the stipples are messy. Any advice?


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