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[ferret_users] Getting LAT and LON to be dimensions of a Variable

Dear all

I am new into ferret and I have two questions:

I am battling to get the SST data to include LAT and LON dimension instead of them  being separate. I would like to do a fill on the SST data without having to specify LAT and LON e.g fill SST[k=1], LON,LAT

 name     title                                  I              J         K         L         M         N
 LAT      latitude                             1:230     1:194     ...       ...       ...       ...
 LON      longitude                          1:230     1:194     ...       ...       ...       ...
 SST      Sea Surface Temperature  1:230     1:194     1:120     ...       ...       .
My second question is how to move a dimension from K to L on the SST variable.


"Try and Fail than to Fail to Try" - Israel Maoyi

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