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Re: [ferret_users] [ferret users] Merging time series data along yaxis

When appending data in directions other than time, you need to set up the grid first, in your case, in the Y direction. Your script just needs a couple of small changes. See 'append slab to NetCDF' in the Ferret users guide for examples



On 7/1/2014 12:41 AM, Shreya Dhame wrote:

I have time series daily subsurface data of 15 depths scattered at 8 locations along 2 longitudes. I want to merge the data of all locations to form  grid data and use it for EOF/PCA analysis. I tried using append function but it does not merge data along the y axis, instead along the z axis. Kindly help with the program. I used the following to merge two location data sets:

DEF AXIS/x=90:90:1 xaxis
DEF AXIS/y=12:15:3 yaxis
DEF AXIS/Z=0:500:10/DEPTH zaxis
DEF Axis/T=15-Nov-2007:15-Jun-2014:30 taxis
DEF GRID/X=xaxis/Y=yaxis/Z=zaxis/T=taxis xyzt_grid

use t12n90e_dy_fln.cdf
LET/TITLE="My temp data" T_20flnnew = T_20fln2[G=xyzt_grid]
SAVE/clobber/FILE=T_20flnnew_2y.cdf/JLIMITS=1:2/J=1 T_20flnnew

use t15n90e_dy_fln.cdf
LET/TITLE="My temp data" T_20flnnew = T_20fln[G=xyzt_grid]
SAVE/FILE=T_20flnnew_2y.cdf/J=2/APPEND T_20flnnew

--Thank you

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