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[ferret_users] Read time strings from ascii file

Dear users,

In a script I read lat, lon and time from ascii files and list corresponding values of my_var but I obtain this error message:

**TMAP ERR: Inappropriate ioctl for device
             Last or next-to-last record read:
             Data set: ./time.csv
             Data file: ./time.csv

Here is my original code:

use my_var.nc

file/var="lat"/columns=1 lat.csv
file/var="lon"/columns=1 lon.csv
file/var="lid"/columns=1 time.csv

repeat/i=1:2:1 list/format=(f11.1)/file=toto.dat/nohead/clobber/append my_var[d=1,x=`lon[d=3]`,y=`lat[d=2]`,t=`lid[d=4]`]

time.csv is

Any tip for solving this is very welcome.

Best regards,


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