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Re: [ferret_users] format for output ascii file

Nitin Patil wrote:

> Can anyone let me know:
> 1: how to remove left hand side notations of latitude and its number (53 to
> 70 from the attached file), I need only variable values.

use a fortran format, e.g 

list /format=(20F10.3) mydata

You need to specify the number of columns yourself (20 in this case)

list /format=comma mydata

The latter is quite handy for excel, but it still includes the
coordinates along the side.

> 2. When I am saving data values to ascii it is not saving all the points if
> I increase the longitude domain, It says listing every 2nd points or 3rd.
> How to get all points?

add a format as above, it wont skip data anymore.

kind regards,


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