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Re: [ferret_users] Error in time series of velocity profile

Hi Sara,

Your reshaping command doesn't make any sense. The new hour_axis is only 25 steps long but  you are trying to reshape a variable (uvel) which is 200 units long. I guess it just takes the first 25 steps of uvel but who knows.

What are the first 25 values of uvel?

If you really want a time axis from 0 to 24 with 200 points then try

def axis/t=0:24/npoints=200/units=hours hours_axis

If you only want the first 25 steps of uvel then you should replace "uvel" by "uvel[l=k=1:25]"  in your definition of uvel_on_time.


On 07/06/14 05:11, 'Sara Sari' via _OAR PMEL Ferret Users wrote:
Could any one please let me know whether or not the command whichI used for plotting time series of velocity profile is correct? I don't know why it just gives a solid horizontal line! I want to be sure that the problem is not with the ferret command.
Thank you,

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