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Re: [ferret_users] extract values

Hi Nitin,

Basically you need to define a mask over your area of interest. Since you area is made up of rectangular subregions and you know their coordinate this should be easy.

Here is an example:

load you data

! define your sub regions
let REG1 = if X[GX=PRECIP] GT 80 AND X[GX=PRECIP] LT 85 AND Y[GY=PRECIP] GT 22 AND Y[GY=PRECIP] LT 25 then 1         ! where precip is a variable in file you loaded
let REG2 = "X[GX=PRECIP] GT 83 AND X[GX=PRECIP] LT 88 and Y[GY=PRECIP] GT 25 AND Y[GY=PRECIP] LT 28" then 1
let mask= if ($reg1) or ($reg2) then 1

shade mask                                         ! plot the mask
shade precip[l=1,d=1]*mask                  ! masked precip
let pr_masked=precip[d=1]*mask
list pr_masked[x=@ave, y=@ave]          ! masked area average precip

Hope this helps
On Monday, May 19, 2014 6:39 AM, Nitin Patil <nitinpatil85@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear ferret users,

I want to extract the two regions ascii value from the netcdf. Please find the attached plot for the regions (I know the lat and lon of the selected regions).
Does anyone knows how to do this extraction in ferret.

Nitin Patil

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