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[ferret_users] Announcing the official release of Ferret version 6.9

* * * Announcing the official release of Ferret version 6.9 * * *

This includes a few new features and enhancements, including these:

1) Enhancements are made to the xml that Ferret writes describing datasets when it is running within LAS.
2) There is a new method to visualize the tree of GO-script calls.
3) A new transformation @STD computes the standard deviation.
4) An axis may be renamed with the SET AXIS/NAME qualifier.
5) Horizontal color bars are now drawn by default right above the plot, with its labels above the color bar.
6) Missing data is now allowed in the coordinate data for 3-argument plot calls
and some bug fixes. The details are all in the Release Notes

PyFerret 1.0.2 includes some changes to the graphics calls,


and here is the outline of what you can do with PyFerret

     Ansley Manke, Steve Hankin,
Karl Smith

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