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[ferret_users] Data inside a polygon

Hi Folks,

I'm relatively new in Ferret. I have a collection of netcdf data, 5 different files each one within a particular domain with lon,lat coordinates. I will collect temporal series from a lon, lat spot. And I need to delimit the area of each domain to get the temporal data from the right domain (netcdf file).

For this I have the polygon of each domain. For example, one polygon.

~$ cat lon_lat.txt

-51.5694966551446 -27.25074563697085
-51.9358954273831 -34.45036737205019
-44.12361781657283 -34.25415718650989
-44.75504598711086 -26.95605841341487
-51.5694966551446 -27.25074563697085

How can I start to do that in ferret?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Adriano Wiermann Barroso

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande - FURG/RS

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