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Re: [ferret_users] ferret crash with DEFINE ATT/OUTPUT

Hi Lev,
The attribute-handling commands were implemented originally for netCDF datasets, but we've worked on extending the logic and syntax to other dataset types and user-defined variables.  What you're seeing should work but does not.  You can add a new attribute, or remove and then define the attribute - so you've uncovered a bug with redefining one. You could do this:
yes? cancel attribute H.long_name
yes? define att/output H.long_name = "string"

The long_name attribute for any Ferret variable is equivalent to its title, so you can do this and it will be completely equivalent:
yes? set var/title= "GLAC ice thickness (m)"  H
You might want to separate the units into its own attribute:
yes? set var/title= "GLAC ice thickness"  H
yes? set var/units= "m"  H

On 3/26/2014 6:11 AM, Lev Tarasov wrote:
Hi all;
Can one only change attributes for variables from netcdf files?
I would like to change the variable long_name for a variable from
an ascii file that I will be writing to a netcdf file. When I try
this, I get a crash:

     FERRET v6.84
     Linux 2.6.9-101.ELsmp 64-bit - 07/19/13

     attributes for dataset: ./idHhpt.nn41945
 H.long_name = H
 H.missing_value = -1.E+34
yes? DEFINE ATT/OUTPUT H.long_name="GLAC ice thickness (m)"
 *** NOTE: Changing the value of attribute H.long_name
**ERROR Ferret crash; signal = 11



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