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[ferret_users] How to calculate this in ferret

I am trying to calcualte volume transport in ferret using following command

actually following looks like its working, for single latitude

let vtransport = v[x=20:100@din,y=5,l=5]

I want for all latitude, so I tried

let vtransport = v[x=20:100@din,y=y[g=v],l=5]

and this again throwing an error

 list v[x=20:100@din,y[g=v],l=5]
 **ERROR: command syntax: Y[G=v]

even I tried this also

 list v[x=20:100@din,y[g=v],l=5]

Please help me, what's right syntax ? what I am doing wrong ?

I had gone through following post

and I seen following post


but I didn't understand please help....

 Please help......me...

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