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Sorry to bother again.  After looking through the script, I have some more questions. attached is a file containing minimal daily temperatures for 20 years from a model output. I would like to create a PDF plot with the x-axis being Temperature and the Y-axis being the probability. When I run the go histogram_pdf command on my data, the output is a scatter plot of points, the x-axis is temperature, and the y-axis is hpdf.

A few questions.  I was hoping to make a PDF where the display is a line graph, and the area under the curve equals one.  Is this possible with this script? And if so, do I make modifications to delta i, or @sbx, .. etc? 

Thank you for your help.  I attached the data set and a pdf of the PDF using the go histogram_pdf command with default settings.


On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 2:05 PM, Paul Goddard <goddarpb@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have a large dataset of 20 years of daily data (7300 values) for the variable temperature.  I would like to calculate the probability density function for a temperature on any given day. I used the histogram_pdf.jnl file; though it looks like this program was written for data with monthly time steps... perhaps I am wrong.  I am wondering what changes I need to make to the script to ensure my results are valid.

Thanks in advance!


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