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RE: [ferret_users] how to change scale bar in Taylor Diagram

Thank you very much for your both answers.

I will test this today.




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Hi Marina,

You can modify the colourbar using "ppl shakey" and "/set" but it's a bit tricky in this case.

One solution is:

! Plot month 1 in set_up mode with the key in the left hand side viewport

go taylor_polymark p_var[i=1]/q_var[i=1] correl /line/fill/lev=(1,13,1)/palette=default/key=cont/nolab/set 1 circle 1

! Now define a horizontal key which extends symmetrically across the entire width of the window

ppl shakey 1,0, , , , ,`0.1*($PPL$WIDTH)`,`0.9*($PPL$WIDTH)`,0.9,1.0

! Complete the plot

ppl polygon

! Now do the plot for both sides WITHOUT the key. January will be overlayed.
repeat/i=1:12 (go taylor_polymark p_var/q_var correl /line/fill/lev=(1,13,1)/palette=default/nokey/nolab `i` circle 1)


The reason this trick works is that the last plotting command in taylor_polymark.jnl/polymark.jnl is a call to POLYGON/whatever_options otherwise I think you might have to make a dummy blank plot in a full viewport  or something similar.


On 15/01/14 21:24, Marina Chifflet wrote:

Hi ferreters,


In the attached figure (fig4.pdf), I have created 2 Taylor diagrams: simulated SST and SSS, monthly compared to AVHRR and climatology. Each point in the Taylor diagram represents 1 month.

I would like to modify the scale bar. I would like to put it horizontally and under the figures, but I can’t manage doing it.

Usually, I use “set” in the initial command (as fill or shade…) and then the “ppl shakey” command. But in this case, I don’t know how to do it.
Do you have an idea?

I attach the figure and the jnl script.

Thank you.


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