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Re: [ferret_users] GO LAND on curvilinear plot VAR, XLONG, XLAT

Hi Peter, Hein, et. al.,

Just an FYI notice here, that we are working on a much more automated approach to sigma and curvilinear coordinates in Ferret.  It will no longer be necessary to manually specify the 3-argument forms to make curvilinear plots.  This will be available in a near future Ferret version -- but it's too soon right now to provide a delivery date or details, as the code is still in too much of a state of flux.

    - Steve


On 1/6/2014 9:52 AM, peter.stucki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I am plotting WRF output variables, e.g.,

fill hgt, xlong, xlat; go land
fill/ i=1:138/ j=1:90 /l=1 psfc, xlong, xlat; go land

as seen in

The variables are plotted, but the 'go land' command does not overlay country borders, although there is no error message.

Can anyone help?


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