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Re: [ferret_users] square in ferret

As Sudheer Joseph said, the multi_view script  will let you do this.  For documentation on this script,
   yes? go/help multi_view.jnl

Here's a short example which does something similar. I use some of symbols that Ferret defines when making any plot, and define a rectangle in the upper right which is 20% of the width of the window and 10% of its height:
use coads_climatology
shade/l=1/y=-90:0 sst

! Upper right corner of the plot
let xhi = ($xaxis_max)
let yhi = ($yaxis_max)

! locations of lower left corner of box
let xlo = xhi - 0.2*(($xaxis_max) - (($xaxis_min)))
let ylo = yhi - 0.1*(($yaxis_max) - (($yaxis_min)))

! Define corners and draw a filled rectangle
let xpoly = {`xlo`, `xhi`,`xhi`,`xlo`, `xlo`}
let ypoly = {`ylo`, `ylo`, `yhi`,`yhi`, `ylo`}

poly/fill/line/over/noax/nolab/nokey/pal=white xpoly,ypoly

! Put a label inside the rectangle
let xlab = xlo + 0.05
let ylab = `(yhi+ylo)/2`
label/user `xlab`,`ylab`,-1,0,0.10 Southern Hemisphere

On 12/27/2013 1:43 AM, Nitin Patil wrote:
Dear ferret users,

Does anyone knows how to draw a white shaded square in the right top corner of the plot to label (a) in that?
Nitin Patil

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