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Re: [ferret_users] Doubt on usage of SCAT2GRID_BIN_XYT function

There is a useful FAQ which should get you started.


If you define a time variable from your data as outlined there, where the example script says "LET tstep", then it will represent the scattered time points, with units of days since 1-jan-1900. That variable can be sent to SCAT2GRID_BIN_XYT as the third argument. Define your output time axis with units of days, and time origin 1-jan-1900, and everything should work fine.


On 11/18/2013 12:48 AM, Venkata Ramu Cherukuri wrote:
Dear Ferret Users,

I have two years data, which is randomly distributed on time/day intervals. I want to grid the data by binning using the SCAT2GRID_BIN_XYT function on monthly basis. but i am getting error when I am giving the time step and also little bit confused how to set the time step. herewith I am attaching the sample data file....... can any body help for this......

thanks in advance....


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