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Re: [ferret_users] Please someone solve my issue define axis with duplicate value

Well, this data is not on a ZT grid. Your data shows 20 values on the first day, where the depth values run between 3 and 20. Then 99 values on the second day, and the depths increase and decrease several times. Then 78 values on the third day, again with many trips up and down.  If the data were on a grid they would be organized so that for each (z,t) pair there was just one value of the variable; and they would be organized so that we could define grids and read the data as in the examples reading ASCII data in Ferret. (that is for time1, data at some specific set of z levels, then for time2, data for the same set of z, etc.)

You could read in this data as three lists: zpoints, tpoints, and varpoints; then define a grid in Z and T which cover the range of the Z and T values in the file, and then use one of the SCAT2GRID functions in the ZT direction to put the data onto a grid. Have a look at the documentation for SCAT2GRIDGAUSS_ZT and SCAT2GRIDLAPLACE_ZT. If this is what you want to do, and if you need help, write back and we can help out.

Or, after reading the data in 3 lists, you could visualize the data, using the POLYGON command or the PLOT/RIBBON command to show the data as scattered points in depth and time.


On 11/12/2013 10:29 AM, Don DNA wrote:
Dear all, I am having problem with define axis command, I want to define z and t axis using data read from file since it has duplicate I am not about to define it

following is error message

*** NOTE: Axis has repeated values -- micro-adjusting ...
columns are
depth, julian day, myvariable

I have attached data please someone help me to create ZT grid

Dona Clara

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