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[ferret_users] Reading Fortran binary file with mixed data types.

Hi all,


I am kind of beginner in FERRET.

I am trying to read the data from the Fortran binary file with mixed data types.

The Fortran 95 code to create the binary file as follow:



write(1) 4 ! integer

write(1) real(1.1001), real(2.1001), 1, real(4.001)

write(1) real(1.1002), real(2.1002), 2, real(4.002)

write(1) real(1.1003), real(2.1003), 3, real(4.003)

write(1) real(1.1004), real(2.1004), 4, real(4.004)

write(1) real(1.1005), real(2.1005), 5, real(4.005)

end do





The Ferret script to read the file as follow:


/// unformat

set data/ez/format=unf/skip=1/var=v1,v2,v3,v4/col=4 filename.dat

! Error: **TMAP ERR: Invalid argument during SKIP reads


/// stream

define axis/x=1:4:1 xaxis

define axis/y=1:5:1 yaxis

define grid/x=xaxis/y=yaxis mygrid

set data/ez/format=stream/skip=1/grid=mygrid/var=myvar filename.dat

! Error: **ERROR: Size of file filename.dat doesn't match size specified by variables/grid


-  I have tried the non-fixed data types and it’s okay. (all values are real*4)

- I have tried to compile all in real*4 (float) and then Ferret can read it

- Can Ferret read the real*8 (double)?  

- When I tried to compile in real*8 (double) and then Ferret cannot read it correctly.





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