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Dear Ferret users,

My question is quite basic, but I couldn't solve it alone.

I've been trying to compute the time average of a field using both 'T' (time) and 'L' (index), like that:
set wind 1; fill UCOMP[d=2,x=@ave,L=3:4@AVE]-UCOMP[d=1,x=@ave,L=3:4@AVE];
set wind 2; fill UCOMP[d=2,x=@ave,t=16-JUN-2021:16-JUL-2021@AVE]-UCOMP[d=1,x=@ave,T=16-JUN-2021:16-JUL-2021@AVE];

Being that my L=3 is the day 16-JUN-2021 and my L=4 is the day 16-JUL-2021.

However the two pictures are completely different and the right one is that one I compute using the 'T' axis.

I plot the same picture using other functions, for example @VAR or @MAX, and in these cases the pictures are identical, so I wonder if does anyone know why it is happening for the average? Is there another way to compute the average using L index that I should be aware?

Many thanks,

Paulo Santiago
Ph.D. Student in Meteorology
Brazilian National Institute for Space Research

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