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Re: [ferret_users] **ERROR Ferret crash; signal = 11


That's a rather large amount to save in one go. Over 5e8 values in one slab or (as ferret uses double precision) 4GB!

I would break up the save as follows

save/l=1:50/clob/file=rain.nc rain
repeat/range=51:4401/name=ll save/app/file=rain.nc rain[i=`ll`:`ll+49`]

Also since the input file appears to store rain as a real*4 float you may want to set the output to be FLOAT

set var/outtype=float rain

before saving.

You will almost certainly need to change the type of netCDF file that gets written to 64BIT_OFFSET or netcdf4. Classic format can't store more than 2GB. The first line above will need to be

save/l=1:50/clob/file=rain.nc/ncformat=64BIT_OFFSET rain


save/l=1:50/clob/file=rain.nc/ncformat=netcdf4 rain


On 15/07/13 10:08, ramesh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
   When I try to convert binary to netcdf the ferret crashes with signal=11;
The machine & the OS is stable. I am using ferret v6.842 in FC 18 on the
hp z820 workstation. Kindly help me to solve this.

The diagnostic is below:

sh grid gfine
  name       axis              # pts   start                end
  XFINE     LONGITUDE          401mr   70E                  110E
  YFINE     LATITUDE           301 r   5N                   35N
  normal    Z
  TFINE     TIME              4450 r   01-MAY-2001 00:00    06-JUL-2013 00:00
  normal    E
  normal    F
set mem/size=1000
  Cached data cleared from memory
file/swap/form=stream/TYPE=R4/grid=gfine/var=rain rain.bin
set var/bad=0.0 rain
save/clobber/file=rain.nc rain
  getgrid EX#1     C:  5 dset:   1 I:    1    1  J:    1    1  K:    1    1
  L:    1    1  M:    1    1  N:    1    1
  eval    EX#1     C:  4 dset:   1 I:    1  401  J:    1  301  K: -999 -999
  L:    1 4450  M: -999 -999  N: -999 -999
**ERROR Ferret crash; signal = 11

With thanks and regards,

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