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[ferret_users] regridding in time

Dear ferreters


I´m using a netCDF file for one year with data for every 5 days (73 time steps).


yes? Sh da

            currently SET data sets:

            1> .\dchl_ORCA2-levitus_DFS4_1958.nc <default>

Name   title                              I           J          K          L

DCHL   Tracer as simulated…    1:360    1:180    1:31      1:73


 I would like to get average values for every 3 month (Jan-Feb-Mar, Apr-may-Jun, Jul-aug-Sep and Oct-Nov-dec). I tried to use @ave transformation, but for some reason the results is not what I expected.


yes? let newDCHL=DCHL[L=1:72:18@ave]  (I ignored the last day)


However the average value is not the same as 1:18@ave, 19:36@ave…


yes? list/i=1/j=1/k=1 DCHL[L=1:18@ave], DCHL[L=1:18:18@ave], newDCHL[L=1]

            DCHL               DCHL               newDCHL

I / *:      1.864E-06         2.644E-06         2.644E-06


The value I was expecting is the first one. Why is that difference? And how can I regrid my data to get average values for every three months?

Thanks in advance



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