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[ferret_users] Ferret in Mac 10.8 (Mountain Lion) => Works!

Hi all -

There's an oddity in installing Ferret in Mountain Lion. For those who come after ... after a bit of tweaking it appears to work fine. Here's my notes; maybe someone has a better solution.

1) I downloaded the 3 gzipped files from
then followed the instructions from

2) Finstall steps 1 and 2 appeared to work fine, installing the executables and creating the soft link ferret_paths.

3) But then when I tried to "source ferret_paths", it failed with the error "export: Command not found" (repeatedly) After some looking, it appears that the script deduced that I was using a bash shell (I use tcsh). In fact Finstall creates both ferret_paths.sh (for bash) and ferret_paths.csh (for tcsh), but the soft link (in /usr/local) was to the bash version:
ferret_paths@ -> ferret_paths.sh

The solution is to explicitly:
source ferret_paths.csh
... or, you can do as I did before I realized this, and simply edit a version of ferret_paths I had from a previous machine.

Now it works! I have not tested it thoroughly, but the basic functions function.

Billy K

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