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[ferret_users] Statistical significance

Dear Ferreters,

I'm doing composite analysis, and want to shade only anomalies that are 95% significant according to a two tailed t test.
Here is the sample of my script:

use ICTP-RegCM3-JJAS.nc ! Seasonal mean rainfall from 1989 to 2008 period 
let clim=PR[d=1, l=1:20@ave]
let elnino=(PR[d=1, l=3]
+PR[d=1, l=9])/2 !average during events
let ano=elnino-clim

shade ano; go land 1 "" 1

How can I shade anomalies that are 95% significant according to a two-tailed t test?

I went through the ferret email archive, but couldn't find appropriate answer.
Any help is appreciated.


Hussen Seid Endris
Climate System Analysis Group
Department of Environmental and Geographical Science
University of Cape Town
Private Bag Rondebosch, 7701
Tel:(+27) (0)74 222 4357

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