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[ferret_users] a possible bug in the high resolution time series- depth section

Hi all,
 Now-a-days I am facing some problem with the high resolution time series data (5 second).
Suppose I am having data in z axis and t axis (5 sec) for suppose 5 days. When I try to plot the depth-time section using fill command, it is not plotting anything (blank plot) but scale bar will be there.The same data when I plotted with shade command, only second half of the data is plotted. Then, I checked whether data is there inside the .nc file or not. Suprising data is there inside. If I regrid this data to a coarser resolution in t-axis, again full data is plotting both either with shade and fill commands. I think this a bug or ferret is not able plot high resolution datasets. I didnt understand this weird behaviour. Any help in this regard is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

With Best regards,

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