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[ferret_users] problem in plotting with bar_chart3

Hello everyone,

I have a problem when I try to plot a variable with the bar_chart3 script. 

First I defined a variable as follow: 

  Let percent=(sum26[i=@sum,j=@sum]-sum26[i=@sum,j=@sum,l=1:10@ave])/sum26[i=@sum,j=@sum,l=1:10@ave]*100So it should have only 1 dimension (i and j being summed)

But when I try to plot this variable, I get an error message:

  go bar_chart3 poly/pal=centered/nolabel/hlim=31-dec-2004:31-dec-2100 percent percent
  Command file, command group, or REPEAT execution aborted
  **ERROR: error: data is not a line

The thing is, when I plot "percent" with a simple command ("plot percent") it works, so the variable should be line. I don't really get where the problem can come from :-/


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