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Re: [ferret_users] Taylor Diagram

Hi Markus,

You need to compute correlation between simulated and observed annual cycle as well as standard deviation of each annual cycle. You only need these two variables to plot a taylor daigarm. For normalized taylor daigram you need to normalized simulated SD with the observed SD.

I am not sure which example script you are refering to but have you checked the demo scripts taylor_example1.jnl, taylor_example2.jnl, taylor_example3.jnl

Hope this helps,


From: "markus.mingel@xxxxxxxxx" <markus.mingel@xxxxxxxxx>
To: ferret_users@xxxxxxxx
Sent: Monday, February 25, 2013 11:01 AM
Subject: [ferret_users] Taylor Diagram

Dear Ferreters,

I am trying to compare the mean annual cycle of simulated surface temperature
from different models with observations in a Taylor diagram.
Both models and data have the dimensions of 180x360x12, where 12 are the
months. How can I do that with ferret?

I looked at the sample scripts and in case of the file bias_zonalanommap.nc
all the statistics have already been computed, so I miss how to get all the
variables needed  to build the diagram starting from gridded datasets.

Thanks into advance for the help,

Best Regards

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