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Re: [ferret_users] Pressure levels on y-axis


What do you get when you inquire about the grid and/or depth axis with
the SHOW GRID and SHOW AXIS commands? Do they indicate thate you
variable is on a level or pressure axis?

Also have a look at the NetCDF header file. Does it have sensible
attributes describing the axes?

If things are just defined on a levels depth axis and you have a 1d
pressure variable available you can just create a new axis and map by

def axis/z/units="decibars"/depth/name=zpress/from_data press
let var_on_press=var[z=zpress@ASN]


On Mon, 2013-02-18 at 22:44 +1100, nitin patil wrote:
> Dear ferret users,
> My model output have 31 vertical pressure levels but when I am
> plotting circulation it shows 1 to 31 labeled on y-axis and I want
> pressure levels (1000 to 100) instead of those 31 numbers. Did anyone
> have idea?
> -- 
> Best wishes,
> Nitin

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