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Re: [ferret_users] Color error in shading with -gif

Hi Bill,

> I've done some more checks on this. I have simplified my scripts down to a
> very simple multi-panel shade plot and the problem persists and appears to
> be the same issue reported back in 2008
> (http://www.pmel.noaa.gov/maillists/tmap/ferret_users/fu_2008/msg00470.html
> ) and again in 2009
> (http://www.pmel.noaa.gov/maillists/tmap/ferret_users/fu_2009/msg00451.html
> ). This is a pretty dangerous bug because the error is not always obvious
> and it would be easy to not catch a one level error if many levels were
> selected. In the 2008 thread the problem was blamed on some axis
> manipulation. However, in my case I can reproduce the problem with just a
> series of basic shade commands (see script below).

You may be interested in the workaround I proposed in 2009:


I've been able to reproduce your problem with your original script,
and I've modified it to the attached one, which solves the problem.

!	use "../test.nc"
use "etopo120.cdf"

set v ul
shade/lev=5 rose

ppl shaset reset  !! <--

set v ur
shade/lev=5 rose

ppl shaset reset  !! <--

set v ll
shade/lev=5 rose

ppl shaset reset  !! <--

set v lr
shade/lev=5 rose
shade/ov/nolab/lev=5 rose


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