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Re: [ferret_users] 3-day running mean using boxcar filter (@sbx)


if you want to fill also horizontally I suggest to have a look at fill_xy. It fills by averaging over all neighbours.

show func fill_xy

! as an example fill ice gaps in coads sst
use coads_climatology
! find all points that have a least one non-missing temperature value. If mask is 1 everywhere, everything is filled, ! if the number of steps is sufficiently large. Add "5" to avoid missings, where the sst is 0°C.
let mask = (sst[l=1:12@max]+5)/(sst[l=1:12@max]+5)
shade/l=10 fill_xy(sst,mask,2)

! fill more

shade/l=10 fill_xy(sst,mask,15)

This example demonstrates, how it could be used. May be a combination of spatial and temporal filling
would help too.


Sudheer Joseph wrote:
Hi Samir,
If you do not have gaps more than 1 day a l@fln:3 if you have more lengthy gaps you may use fln:5 or so this will fill the gaps by linearly interpolating between the boundaries of gaps.

with best regards,

On Sun, Jan 13, 2013 at 8:14 PM, samir pokhrel <pokhrelsamir@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:pokhrelsamir@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Dear Ferret users,

    I am trying to make 3-day running mean of satellite data to avoids
    data gaps and to get complete coverage.

    I have used @sbx transformation to get this, however the gap
    increases further indicating that this transformation does not
    account for the missing values, i.e if any grid has  missing value
    for a time step, despite of the same grid having valid values for
    other time step the transformation considers the final value to be

    How to get @sbx transformation accountable for missing values
    within a grid, similar to what @ave function  treats it, or to use
    any other function effectively to get the running mean consisting
    of invalid values as well.

    Anticipating the replies and thanking you all in advance


    Samir Pokhrel
    Climate and Global Modelling Division
    Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology
    NCL Post, Pashan

with best regards


Sudheer Joseph
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