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[ferret_users] 3-day running mean using boxcar filter (@sbx)

Dear Ferret users,

I am trying to make 3-day running mean of satellite data to avoids data gaps and to get complete coverage.

I have used @sbx transformation to get this, however the gap increases further indicating that this transformation does not account for the missing values, i.e if any grid has  missing value for a time step, despite of the same grid having valid values for other time step the transformation considers the final value to be missing. 

How to get @sbx transformation accountable for missing values within a grid, similar to what @ave function  treats it, or to use any other function effectively to get the running mean consisting of invalid values as well.

Anticipating the replies and thanking you all in advance


Samir Pokhrel
Climate and Global Modelling Division
Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology
NCL Post, Pashan

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