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Re: [ferret_users] Axis labeling in Ferret and plotting different data.

Olá Francisco,

Você terá que fazer um "regridding" no eixo do tempo...

(Sorry, but I can't resist to address the coleagues in the other side of
the Atlantic in our common language...)
You'll have to regrid the variables to a common time axis, not
necessarily a dummy axis. 
It depends on the actual time axis of both variables, but you may try to
regrid one variable into the axis of the other.

To have an idea how it may work, try:

def ax/t=1:10:1 t1
def ax/t=5:15:2 t2

let v1 = 1+0*t[gt=t1]
let v2 = 2+0*t[gt=t2]

plot/vlim=0:3/sym v1,v2,v1[gt=v2]+0.5,v2[gt=v1]+0.5


On Thu, 2012-01-12 at 12:21 -0200, Júnior wrote:
> Dear Ferreters,
> I have a problem for plotting two variables on same graphic. In fact,
> my issue is about how can I plot var1 and var2 which are two variables
> on different temporal axes?
> Do I have to put two variables on same dummy axis? How? If not, any
> other ideas?
> Thanks in advaced.
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