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[ferret_users] Creating a grid from lat long variables

Dear Users,
I have a set of data containing the latitude, longitude and a mask of the region

 LAT      Latitude                         1:301     1:561     ...       1:1
 LON     Longitude                       1:301     1:561     ...       1:1
 LANDCOVER                            1:301     1:561     ...       1:1

The grid of these data is in meter :
 name       axis              # pts   start                end
 X1        X (meters)         301 r   -800000              700000
 Y1        Y (meters)         561 r   -3400000             -600000

I want to create a new grid in degree using the lat,long data.
I tried to use the scat2gridgauss_xy as below to get the data on a lat long grid (created from the min and max of my lat lon data) but the only result that I can get doing that are 0 in part of the grid.

DEFINE AXIS/X=-92.13:10.399:0.1 xax
DEFINE AXIS/Y=58.629:84.482:0.1 yax
LET LANDCOVERd = scat2gridgauss_xy(lon[d=1],lat[d=1],LANDCOVER[d=1],x[gx=xax], y[gy=yax], 1,1,1,0)

Any suggestion?


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