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[ferret_users] Read ASCII data & re-gridding to netCDF

Dear Ferret users,

I am a beginner in Ferret and have a following query in regard to a ASCII data attached. The file contains the daily extracted parameters from a satellite retrievals in a chosen grid box.

The ASCII file is having 8 columns with: (attached for your convenience)

column 1 - date
column 2 - time of observation
column 3 - longitude
column 4 - latitude
columns 5 to 8 - variables (
missing data is noted -999.0)

Now, I wanted to regrid the data/variables to 1 deg X 1 deg and save to netCDF file. Note that the latitude is extending from 23 deg N to 10 deg S.

Can you help me with an example code to proceed?

Thanks in advance,
With regards,

Attachment: data200601.dat
Description: Binary data

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