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Hello Tina,

I could imagine that there are some missing values and the interpolation

of the  objective analysis then leads to a layer of missing values.

Just a guess, though.

Best wishes,



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I am a beginner in FERRET.

While trying to generate a fill diagram using WOA - 09 monthly mean temperature climatology data it showed a white window in between 20 and 30m.

This happens only for the region  Lat: 5s:5n and Lon 90.5E though it lists the data properly.

i used the following command

Fill/K=1:12/L=5/HLIMITS=5s:5n:1/VLIMITS=0:300:50 T_AN[X=91E,Y=6S:6N]

I have attached the diagram with the arrow pointing to the white window. 

I am using FERRET v6.72

Thank U

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