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[ferret_users] : wrong region when shading a derived variable

with the latest release of ferret (6.8.2)  I encounter the following error:

use "http://phy-51.io-warnemuende.de/thredds/dodsC/genus/joined_ocean_day_zoo31_dmv_ascat.nc";

( a data set aggregated over time with THREDDS, fileformat netcdf4, deflation level 3)

shade/t=13-aug-2009:31-dec-2009 nitrogen_in_flagellates[l=@ave,k=1:20@din,x=8:20]

gives a result, that should be correct. Repeating the command,

shade/t=13-aug-2009:31-dec-2009 nitrogen_in_flagellates[l=@ave,k=1:20@din,x=8:20]/100

but now with a scaling factor gives another figure, the output region is now global in zonal direction.

shade/t=13-aug-2009:31-dec-2009/x=8:20 nitrogen_in_flagellates[l=@ave,k=1:20@din]/100

gives a correct figure again.

This seems to be a bug.

Martin Schmidt

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