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[ferret_users] Problem in concatenating multiple data

Hello dear ferreters;

I have daily global satellite precipitation data each in separate NetCDF files. I want to concatenate them. I wrote a code in excel, but when I try to run it, it gives me the first data only (i.e L =1). I also tried manually with only two datasets and the problem persists. What could be the solution?

There are 5113 daily  *.nc data and I am doing like:

cancel data/all; cancel var/all; set mem/size = 690

use  3B42_daily.1998.01.01.7.nc; save/clobber/file = TRMM.cdf   R  ;cancel data/all

use  3B42_daily.1998.01.02.7.nc; save/append/file = TRMM.cdf   R  ;cancel data/all
use  3B42_daily.1998.01.03.7.nc; save/append/file = TRMM.cdf   R  ;cancel data/all

Thank you,

Fisseha Berhane
PhD student
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, Maryland
e-mail: fisseha@xxxxxxx

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