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[ferret_users] Ensemble analysis with ferret V68

HI all,

I am glad to discover the last ferret v68 and its capacities to open dataset up to 6 dimensions.
Very, very nice.

Here is my first example with some realizations from OCMIP5 output

! Build a list of files to open
yes? let files=spawn("ls /prodigfs/esg/CMIP5/merge/IPSL/IPSL-CM5A-LR/rcp85/mon/atmos/Amon/r?i1p1/latest/tas/tas_Amon_IPSL-CM5A-LR_rcp85_r?i1p1_2006_2100.nc")

! Open each files
yes? repeat/range=1:`files,return=isize`/name=s (let file=files[i=`s`] ; use "`file`")

! Define an aggregation with previous data set opened
yes? def data/aggregate myens=`spawn("seq -s, ($N_OPEN_DSETS)")`

and that's it, you have defined a new dataset with all the realizations seen on the M dimension.
yes? show data 4
    currently SET data sets:
   4> MYENS  (default)
name title I J K L M N HEIGHT height ... ... ... ... 1:3 ... TAS Near-Surface Air Temperature 1:96 1:96 ... 1:1140 1:3 ...


Data Analysis and Visualization Engineer
ICMC - IPSL Climate Modelling Centre

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