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Re: [ferret_users] Fprint is not working

Hi Iskhaq,
What version of Ferret are you running?  mtt is a linux program used at one time to translate Ferret metafiles to postcript, and it is still referenced in the Fprint script, but it was long ago replaced by "gksm2ps".  Gksm2ps is a program that is distributed with Ferret.

Try this:

   % gksm2ps metafile.ps

This should produce a postscript file called gksm2ps_output.ps. If that is working fine, then there must be a problem with some detail in the way Fprint was customized for your system when Ferret was installed.

Please reply to me rather than ferret_users; we can send a final follow-up to the group after we've determined the problem and its solution.


On 6/24/2012 7:26 AM, Iskhaq Iskandar wrote:
Dear All,

I have a problem in using "Fprint" command.
I am trying to convert my metafile to postscript file and used the following command:

%Fprint -p portrait -o out.ps metafile.plt

The above command is not working and I got the following error message:

mtt: Command not found

I appreciate any help you might have.

Best regards, Iskhaq

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