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[ferret_users] size of every plot when laying out multiple plots

Dear all,

how to control the size of every plot when i lay out multiple plots? or how to handle the gap between those plots?
i wanna draw 6*5=30 plots, here is a part of my xli & yli:

!define viewport/xli=0.000,0.1665/yli=0.1998,0.3996 t1
!set view t1

!define viewport/xli=0.000,0.1665/ylil=0.3996,0.5994 t2
!set view t2

the problem is that the space between t1 & t2 is two large, how can i shrink this space?

thank you in addvance!

金懐東(Jimmy Kin)
Yamaguchi Research Laboratory Master Course
Department of Ocean Technology, Policy and Environment
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences
The University of Tokyo
E-mail : jimmyandone@xxxxxxxxx 
TEL     : +81-80-4440-8606

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