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Re: R: Re: [ferret_users] Conservative remapping

We are very much aware of the need for interpolation of data on curvilinear grids with CMIP5 data coming on-line. There are several pieces of software intended to do this. Ferret's current CURV_TO_RECT functions are based on some older code. We have a project for this summer to update this capability.


On 5/29/2012 1:02 AM, markus.mingel@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Dear Ferreters,

I would confirm that the conservative interpolation (G=reg_grid@ave) worked in
case of regular grids, but ferret fails to regrid  fluxes from curvilinear

Since fluxes depend on cell area, first of all I multiplied the flux by the
area and then I used the functions curv_to_rect_map and curv_to_rect for the
interpolations, but results are wrong.

So, considering the new CMIP5 dataset, based on your experience, which are the
methods to regrid fluxes (e.g fgco2, intpp) from curvilinear grids (e.g. MPI-
ESM-LR, INMCM4) to regular grids?


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Ogg: Re: [ferret_users] Conservative remapping

       ferret's an awkward tool for conservative remapping. It would
entail  just a few lines of commands with CDO
(or maybe also with NCO, choice depends on who you have around that's
familiar with either tool)

Hi all,
CDO has many operator for regridding.
See https://code.zmaw.de/embedded/cdo/1.5.4/cdo.html#x1-4870002.12
But my tries with conservative remapping on curvilinear grids have not been
very concluding (impossible to specify that precalculated arecells have
to be used).

Another point. NCL has annonced that next realease 6.1 will present new
regridding capacities
based on the use of software from the Earth System Modeling Framework
<http://www.earthsystemmodeling.org/>  (ESMF).
Read http://www.ncl.ucar.edu/Applications/regrid.shtml

With pyferret, those ESMF regridding functions may be easier to include.


Data Analysis and Visualization Engineer
ICMC - IPSL Climate Modelling Centre

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