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[ferret_users] Frame multiple wind vector plots

Dear Ferret users,

I have the following steps to save first day (l=1) for UV (wind vector) plot. The U-wind and V-wind files contain 61 days of data for a single level. 

use X10.    !  U-wind file
use X10.      !  V-wind file
sh data
vector/repeat/length=10 uwnd[x=50:100,y=0:40,l=1,d=1],vwnd[x=50:100,y=0:40,l=1,d=2];go land "7" "" "7"

In the above U and V files, I have l=1:61. Now I want to save all 61 plots separately respectively as l1.gif, l2.gif, l3.gif, ...... l61.gif

Is there any loop method or any other easy way to save all 61 plots separately?

Kindly reply,


B.L.Madhavan, Ph.D
Post-doctoral Fellow 
Particle and Aerosol Research Lab
Chemical Engineering Department
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB)
Powai, Mumbai 400 076 (INDIA)

Email: blmadhavan@xxxxxxxxx
Phone: +91-9987144308 (Mobile)
       +91-2225764239 (Lab)

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