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[ferret_users] slow work with netcdf4 files

Hi all,

working with netcdf4 files in a compressed form helps to save storage space - in some cases more than 70 %. However, in some cases working with these files reveals as really slow. I have concatinated about 120 files each with 6 time steps by a descriptor file. Each file contains 60 variables with 300x200x70 grid points. Not a small project. The files are written in time slices with time as "unlimited" variable.

Making a simple "shade" for a given time step reveals as sufficiently fast. Also z-t plots over all files

shade/y=0/x=0/z=0:500/t=1-jan-2000:31-dec-2010 some_variable

returns a figure withing a few minutes, although all files have to be uncomressed partially. However commands like

shade/t=1-jan-2005 temp[k=@din]

do not return a result even after 50 minutes.

As a way out I could use a singe file. However, in future the files will be put onto a TREDDS or LAS server using THREDDS aggregation over time. So the user is not aware of the
single files and would give up for sure.

Is there a trick to get such operations faster? I think about ideas to confine uncompression to those areas in
the files that are really needed.

Martin Schmidt

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