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[ferret_users] statistics data saving in a file

Dear Ferret friends,

I am using statistics command for calculating the standard deviation and given below is the answer I am getting:

yes?  statistics/x=29.3W:29.0W/y=38.1:38.4/l=8331 mask
             LONGITUDE: 29.3W to 29W
             LATITUDE: 38.1N to 38.4N
             Z:  N/A
             TIME: 16-JAN-2005 08:14
             DATA SET: ./avhrr_data.cdf
 Total # of data points: 72 (9*8*1*1)
 # flagged as bad  data: 3
 Minimum value: 16.55
 Maximum value: 17.59
 Mean    value: 17.142 (unweighted average)
 Standard deviation: 0.22601

This data seems to be fine. But, I would like to plot the standard deviation in a line graph, say from l=8331:10505. I tried to save the date in a saparate file but getting error. If I can plot the standard deviation for the speciak region data I need not have to save the data.

Thanks and Regards,

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