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Re: [ferret_users] geostropic currents

It's not clear to me what grid goes with what variable in your script. Showing us the output of commands like "show data", "show grid g" and "show grid grid_0001", would help.  Does Ferret issue any messages about the grid as your script runs?  If yy is from one grid and ssh is on another grid, then when it evaluates the expressions ug and vg, Ferret has to to reconcile the grids.  If you want the vector components to be on a different grid from what they are, you could define the variables differently or regrid them to the desired grid.


On 11/8/2011 2:56 AM, Mahesh Shinde wrote:
Dear friends,

I am computing geostropic currents using Aviso altimetry. it plots the currents, please see the figure below....
here I am also attaching the script .....

the ferret script ...

 can data/all
 can viewport
 use dt_ref_med_merged_madt_h_20090610_20090610_20100602.nc !(aviso ssh)
 let g=9.8
 let pi=3.141
 let omega = 0.729e-4
 let yy = y[g=GLZ2] !( please note that this 'GLZ2' is coming from ferret
 let f=2.0*omega*sin(yy*pi/180.0)
 let ssh=GRID_0001
 let ug = -1.0*(g/f)*ssh[y=@ddc] !(centered difference scheme is used)
 let vg = (g/f)*ssh[x=@ddc]!(centered difference scheme is used)
!plot geostropic winds
 vec/l=1/xskip=4/yskip=4/nolab ug,vg
 go land


please tell why currents are looks like.....



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