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Re: [ferret_users] heat transport

Hi Livia,
It's really hard to say what's happening with a long script and datasets we don't have access to. If you can create a smaller example with the particular data, regions, and definitions that are causing the problem, then we can try to help.

Or at least, when your script runs into this error message, tell us the output of "show data" for the datasets that are open, and "show grid variable"  for different variables in the file or that you have defined.  For variables defined in the script, the output of "show variable var_name"  will also give those definitions to see what might be causing the trouble.


On 10/9/2011 11:12 AM, Lívia Sancho wrote:
Hi, I'm trying to calculate heat transport across the drake passage and acros the 32° parallel in the Atlantic.
I was able to calculate across the 32° parallel, but I got a recorrent error for the Drake passage. It says: ERROR: Inconsistent sizes of data regions: y axis temp[d=1] has 45 points (J=08:52) _expression_ has 46 points (J=07:52).
I'm sending the script attached.
Can someone help me??

Lívia Sancho

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