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[ferret_users] Inseting string in output text file

Dear ferret users,

I want to insert informative strings in text file output from ferret. In particular I want the text file to have following content.

Analysis period: 1990-2008
Correlation between WYMI computed from:
ncep1 & eraI: x1
ncep1 & mode: x2

Below is the relevant part of the script I used:
let p= ...; let q= ...; go variance; go var_n
list/nohead/clobber/file="results/WYMI.correl.txt"/format=(A) ("Analysis period: 1990-2008")
list/nohead/append/file="results/WYMI.correl.txt"/format=(A) ("Correlation between WYMI computed from: ")
list/nohead/append/file="results/WYMI.correl.txt"/format=("ncep1 & eraI: ", F5.2) correl
let q= ...; go variance; go var_n
list/nohead/append/file="results/WYMI.correl.txt"/format=("ncep1 & model: ", F5.2) correl

The script successfully wrote first 3 line but gave error message:
 **ERROR: command syntax: BLE q=
DEFINE VARIABLE q=(v4[d=4,z=850,t=15-sep-`yr7`:15-sep-`yr6`]-v4[d=4,z=850,t=15-sep-`yr7`:15-sep-`yr6`@ave])-(v4[d=4,z=200,t=15-sep-`yr7`:15-sep-`yr6`]-v4[d=4,z=200,t=15-sep-`yr7`:15-sep-`yr6`@ave])
Command file, command group, or REPEAT execution aborted

I am able to save the output in a text file with simple command (e.g. list/file=filename correl ). But I would like above script to work. Please advice.

Thanks in advance


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