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[ferret_users]append multiple slabs on X axis

Hi All:
I am trying to compute the zonal integration of variable "data[i,j,t]" from longitude[i] to a fixed longitude, i.e. 290. The zonal integration, M, should have the same dimension as "data". But, I can only get one slab at each loop of i (total number of i is 600). The save/append or list/append command did not work on the X axis. Does anyone have any ideas to append the slabs on X axis? Below is the script.
let lon=x[g=data];
repeat/range=1:600/name=inx (let xstart=lon[i=`inx`];\
let M = data[x=`xstart`:290@din]/1.0e6;\
save/append/file=M_1998.nc M )
Thanks for your help!

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