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[ferret_users] how to count the number of irregularly-spaced observations in each gridbox

I have a long list of data triplets (x,y,value) that I am putting on a regular grid. No problem doing that, but how can I count the number of data points that fall in each gridbox?

I want to end up with a gridded field whose values are the number of the original (x,y) points within each box.

It seems like a simple task, but I can't think of a way to do it without a (double) repeat loop, or sorting and writing data out (twice). Ugly.

Anyone have a straightforward way to do this?

Frustratingly, the function SCAT2GRID_BIN_XY produces the bin-average. To do that it must compute the number of points in each bin. That number should be available to the user.

Thanks ... Billy K

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